Are blood diamonds a real thing and do they affect gemologists?

Red diamonds, hot diamonds, war diamonds, and conflict diamonds are some of the most common names of blood diamonds. The rebel dictators usually take advantage of these diamonds to fund wars against legitimate governments. There are many negative consequences belonged to this diamond, therefore, it is called the blood diamond. This label was actually assigned to the diamonds that were mined in Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Angola, and other nations during the recent civil wars.

We have collected some information about these diamonds with the help of Nicholas Altimore, SEO Gemologist to prove whether they are real or not and whether they make any impact to the gemologists or not.

As we have mentioned before that these diamonds were minded in the war zones in different areas during the recent civil wars. Different people used to sell these diamonds at that time to finance insurgencies. Central and West African countries were the most common areas where these diamonds were used. The history that is belonged to these diamonds is quite painful therefore, they are named as blood diamonds. The locals were forced by the warlords at that time to extract their diamonds. The warlords showed extreme violence to get it done.

For example, the Revolutionary United Front group was a very famous group in Sierra Leone during the civil war that used all the violent techniques to take control of the mines. They threatened, killed, and even cut off the arms of people to achieve their brutal goal.

In Sierra Leone, millions of people fled the country and more than 20,000 people were mutilated. A recent research has shown that more than 4 million people were killed and mutilated during the civil wars for the sake of these diamonds. Now, many people think that the situation is still the same and gemologists cannot reach those places as well.

While the fact is that the higher authorities have now taken control of those areas and now gemologists can freely go there to conduct some research. Now, the diamonds from these areas are sent to other countries via trading and these diamonds have now become very common. Therefore, the gemologists from different countries go to these areas to analyze the quality of the diamonds.

However, the name of these diamonds is still the same because there is a very painful history behind this diamond. Even the entire diamond industry now claims that 99.8% diamonds are free from the conflict and anybody can gain access to those areas with the permission of higher authorities. Click Here and learn more about the reality of blood diamonds.

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