Do games with bombs and guns cause more violence in kids?

Games are considered to be a way of fun and entertainment and children usually play a game in their spare time to find some peace of mind even some elders are playing different games these days to enjoy several moments of their life.

The gaming industry is growing amazingly these days. The ease of access and plenty of advanced options have made this industry grow very fast. There are plenty of games available these days that people play to find some peace of mind.

The problem is that many games that are being introduced these days, contain bombs and guns in them and there is a group of people that think that these kinds of games should be banned as they cause violence in kids.

I agree with these people but we should not completely ban these games as some of them are specially designed for education purpose such as Bomb It. So, instead of starting a petition against all such games, we should design a standard for such games around which these games can be developed.

Let’s take a look at several benefits of these games that make them appear more helpful.

Educational Purpose

There are plenty of games that are designed for the educational purpose and kids get to learn a lot from such games. A lot of these kids are making money on Twitch with these games which is crazy.  So, the games that are designed for the educational purpose should be approved without any problem even if they contain bombs and guns with them.

You might be thinking that how can such games be educational. Well, there are different kinds of Guns that have been introduced these days. Most of the people are unaware of those guns. If our kids find a gun in a game, they’ll search for it and find the amazing features of this gun. They’ll get to know that how these guns and bombs are being used in several platforms.

Learn to face a situation

Most of the people get panicked when they see a gun or a bomb and the kids are more sensitive than elders. If your children know that how a gun or bomb is used, they’ll not get panicked and they’ll find the way of making themselves secure in such kind of situations.


These kinds of games will help your kids become brave. Most of the kids become weak and coward as they’ve never tried a brave act in their life. Using guns and bombs is illegal in all the countries. But playing will these weapons will help your children become brave and strong and they’ll learn a way of fighting with a difficult situation.

Strong kids are more successful than those who’re mentally weak. Mental power means a lot when it comes to fighting against the hardships of this life. So, these games aren’t bad at all but the bad use of these games have made them appear so.

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