Should AR-15’s Be Legal? We Weigh the Pros and Cons

AR-15 guns are designed for a number of security purposes especially keeping you safe from terrorist attack.

Unfortunately, a number of these modern weapons have found their way in the wrong hands of terrorists and criminals who use them to endanger lives of the innocent.

Due to the misuse of these lethal weapons, the US government is still considering whether to take ownership of these guns legal or illegal.

Apparently, there have been a series of systematic mass shootings across the US and other parts of the world and many people have shifted their blame on weapons such as AR-15.

As such, possession of firearms has created a great rift between those who want the weapons to be clamped down and those in support for owning them citing cases of self-defense.

But before the relevant authorities take drastic measures regarding AR-15, let’s examine the merits and demerits of legalizing AR-15.

AR-15: Pros

Although there are mixed reactions to the presence of AR-15 and rifles in the hands of civilians, experts argue that the weapon was designed to eliminate the threat on the battlefield, especially with scopes for an ar-15 designed to kill.

That being said, these types of weapons have been useful in eliminating criminal activities in volatile areas and situations. In other words, AR-15 is a better choice for enhancing security in your neighborhood.

The weapon is light in weight thus making it quite practical and easy to maneuver with at the time of fire exchange. In fact, it is designed with a hollow tube that leads from the gas port back all the way to the receiver.

Being light makes the weapon easy to use, carry around and enables you to have an accurate shot. In this case, the AR-15 can be used to counteract terrorism and robberies with maximum results.

In addition, the weapon does not need intensive and long hours of training to know how to use it. Anyone with minimal training or practice is able to acquire the target with ease and accuracy.

On the contrary, this might be another weakness of this weapon, but a background check is necessary to establish the right people to own this assault weapon.  Certain people even get sued for using such rifle scopes.

AR-15: Cons

Legalizing AR-15 guns might be a good idea to keep one safe but on the flip side, they may pose a threat to the society at the same time.

The fact that the gun is easy to operate, it does not mean that anybody should be allowed to own it.

This could be a security concern as witnessed in the recent cases where a number of school children and innocent citizens have perished in what has been termed as terrorism.

The description of the gun itself portrays a sensational and stigmatizing effect to those individuals who have grown up without prior knowledge of firearms.

Some experts refer to such weapons as semi-automatic but whichever the case, they remain lethal in the wrong hands.

The name change, however, was pushed by the 2013 Assault Weapons Ban but still, the negative aspect of owning an AR-15 is still evident from a series of bloody killing of the innocent in the recent past.

Therefore, each state has its own laws and regulations governing the ownership and usage of firearms. As a matter of fact, the acquisition of AR-15 should be legalized for those whose background check is not questionable.

In this era of terrorism and widespread crimes, you might save many lives by responding promptly to an assault of the similar magnitude.

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