What it takes to be the security for the President

Choosing a career is an important decision to make and choosing the right career is the right decision to make. The secret service is always looking to recruit talented and skilled individuals. It is the security in charge of the president and vice president’s protection and the protection of their immediate families.The president’s safety is the forefront of keeping a country safe because if the secret service does not protect the president, then the country is not protected.

This team carries out investigations, conducts research, analyzes information and prepare reports on matters concerning national security. Secret service agents work as a team with other partners of the government to unearth the needs of intelligence and report back to senior government offices. You must be mature and self-confident and possess excellent analyzing and investigative skills; must be able to examine situations fast to take the correct course of action.

You should be able to work in unpredictable conditions and environments of different threat levels. Prospective agents should be citizens and should earn a bachelor’s degree. The secret service does not necessarily point out the fields of study though it is advisable to take coursework in law, computer science, mathematics, communication and foreign languages. It is important to obtain a graduate level degree or gain experience in state or the local law enforcing agencies possibly as a police officer, and to get a Class D Security license to have an added advantage in the hunt for this job. This field will give you a notch over the others considering the experience part of the job.



After you qualify for the position, you get to spend many weeks training for the new job; this may include learning important police techniques such as how to use firearms and using them safely, what you are required to do with arms and when to use the arms. You also get to learn different methods on how to recognize substances that are counterfeit and the necessary skills that you require in protecting public officials.Physical fitness is vital your success in this career; you will endure a physical training through a period as determined by the trainers. Every government has an affixed age requirement at the time of hiring, and you should be in that age bracket to qualify.A past criminal record may disqualify you, so you need to behave as per the rule of law. A clean record is therefore necessary. You will also be subjected to a medical test to prove you are fit and able to endure the exercise and job. Knowing what it takes to become the president’s security might be the first step to a vital career if this is your field of interest.

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