FabFitFun Subscription Service

Has anyone ever heard of FabFitFun? I recently heard of this subscription based service. I know, they’re all the rage lately. I had some fun ordering a subscription service from Target a few months ago, and all I can say is that I was very disappointed. I think I received five items that were really only worth 50 cents each at your local clearance table at Walmart.

One day my neighbor came to me and told me about FabFitFun. She’s quite the subscription whore. She has endless amounts of money to spend and she loves getting surprises in the mail. Long story short, she showed me what she was getting from this service and I was shocked. I couldn’t believe the quality and the uniqueness of the gifts she received.


This is just a sample picture of what my neighbor received on her last shipment. This is unequivocal awesomeness… if that’s even a word. If you’re looking for a promo, you’ll need to use promo code, fabfitfun20.


Banning Brazzers

Call me a left-wing nut, I don’t care. There’s a¬†fine line to being¬†passionate about ones opinions and truly being crazy about something. I’m not a conservative by any means, but there’s a few liberal points of view that I just can’t put my head around. For example, let’s talk about online adult subject material.

I’m here to tell you that sites that promote pornography are tearing the fabric of our nation apart. Studies have shown that this garbage is tearing our families apart and distorting our youth’s perception of what is normal in the bedroom.

I can show study after study how watching is so detrimental to our society. It shows that young girls get pregnant earlier. Divorce rate increases and rape incidents increases. It put a burden on the young girls of our society. They think they have to sexualize themselves just to fell worthy of being a women. Not to mention the sex acts that they think they need to perform just to keep a man.

There are sites like the Brazzers discount that promote membership savings. Our young men in our society can not only view this in the convenience of their home, but now they’re getting it for the price of a lunch at Wendy’s. This material is too accessible to our young men, and it’s warping their minds.

I urge everyone to write their congressman to support the ban on adult related internet provocations. It hurts me to think that my young children are going to be exposed to this stuff as they get older. My only hope is that legislation will be brought down on these companies and they will no longer be able to profit off the subversive content they promote.

We need to rise up as a society. Women and men alike – we need to join one another to fight against the degradation of our youth’s sexuality.